Alhamdulillah to MJ

i've heard that michael jackson really considering in converting to muslim
well there's been numerus rumors through the previous years bout it
but if its really true..then alhamdulillah..
he's still havent officially annouced or anything...
taking it slow for the public to accept it i guess
anyway MJ had already move to bahraini and bought an artificial island there..
he brought along his studio and sold his estates in US..
i've heard bout this one from CNN or some news channel in astro..
MJ has donated a huge amount of money for building a state-of-the-art mosque near his luxury palace in the Bahraini capital
even his sister, as i recalled Janet said in Oprah's show that MJ had escape to Lebanon to have a peace of mind..
and his older brother, Jermaine who is a muslim since 1989 said that MJ had been talking and asking alot bout Islam from him.
So Jermaine bought MJ some books about Islam from makkah when he went there
MJ said he decided to convert to Islam because he is convinced it is the closest religion to his personal beliefs

anyway some people said the song in the vid wasnt sang by MJ but an arabic nasheed singer, Zain Bhikha
It was included in an album called "Towards the Light" for this singer, and in another called "Bismillah" by Yusuf Islam(Cat Stevens)..
but still i would really want to hear a nasheed from MJ
and i totally love this song very much..."Give Thanks to Allah"

also i want to rant a bit here from what i've read people's comment on MJ converting
the "they" im refering are not based on other religions worshipper but as a person/indivisually..
so they said "MJ converted because Allah s.a.w forgive all the sins that they had done before converting and its the easiest way to escape hell after the judgement day.."
come on... they must be so low to jugde someone like that...
even if it is Michael Jackson... yes he'd done so many sins..
but if he redems, regrets what he did and ask for forgiveness sincerely..
Allah will give him a chance... Allahu Rahim..
other than that they said "its because Muhammad s.a.w is also a child sexual abuser by marrying Aishah who was 9 years old when Muhammad was 56, so Islam is perfect for MJ to do those"
why cant they get it that people from those days married really early...
and by marrying doesnt just about sex for God's sakes...
its because of bonding... with a bond a muslim man can interact with a muslim woman freely..
he taught Aishah all his knowlegde before he died since she was small
and she was one of the most respectable female figure that people, men and women, old and young went to ask for advices and such from her..

sometimes i just pitied those people who dont think what they are saying...
and i even cried on some of what they wrote, the insults, humiliation...
i cried because i pitied them, how lost they are...
i know i dont look religious but I love Allah,Muhammad and Islam much more that i love my parents.
if there is ever going to be a religious war towards Islam... i would volunteered myself to go...seriously...and i know that my bro will come with me too
i dont joke when it comes to religion issues
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