Zombie team Rocks!
they are a team of dancers, not just any typical dancers with weird name..
seriously they wear zombie masks+jumpsuits while performing famous anime dancing songs
like Lucky☆Star, hare hare yukai(suzumiya haruhi) and even doreamon theme!! 8D
and they are awesome doing it! even better than the real dance in the animes too
and plus their trade mark dancing pose ehem...grabbing their crotch..yes they all are male doing girly gestures...totally damn funny!

Anyway as you can see im testing the design for my blog..its not finish yet =3=
gehh im soo noobs bout it..
oh well i'll belek-belek first then i eventually know how to do it..
i also found this web
http://www.blogskins.com/ for free skins Thanks to Khyre!
but then i wont use it, im just gonna use it for references only.. it helps alot XD
so minna-san! please guide me in here and give me comments/critics so i can improve this blog ok! YOSH! >w<
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