Ok we have our first presentation for our term without even saying a word for the presentation XDD
and that day also we got a new group member, YEN! *applause*
So our team is the only one that have 5 people, others have 4 only...
i guess our team are pretty strong..
since me and Yen know how to sew and ah fatt kinda pro in chanting stuff
Joel and Chun sin are great people to work with so its perfect!

anyway back to presentation...
i think my group was the most simple one but very effective
since everyone can understand the messege we're going to tell from our visual storyline

the others presentation was very interesting especially Jun's team..
i got a video of it XDD haha they did a performance storyline..
while the other 2 groups did visual and story telling...

Alvin doing the story telling XD
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