New Blog

yet another blog that i create..well this one will be for my digital design class purpose..
i actually already have livejournal(its been dead for ages) and deviantart journal(too much craps inside) but oh what the heck if i do another blog rite?
well i'll be putting some pictures of my previous events in here i guess
anyway since the new term already begun
as for now i really like my digital design class XD
haha joanne! if you read this, im totally honest here! i really like your personality and the way you teach us ^w^b
well i know that i would like you since your previous students,Iffah and Aurelia told me about you
oh yeah im in MM078-1,its the 1st class. The one thing i like bout this class is that all are scheaduled in the afternoon session! HELL YEAH!
seriously im not a morning person =3=;;
ok now let's have some lil fun with pictures >w<
Model: Me
Photographer: Me
This is me with my previous haircut, yeah i played guitar before in a band but now im just their camgirl, recording them perform.
anyway if you look closely you can see my pet scorpion on my hand in this picture.
his name is Salem, a black dessert scorpion but he's already dead...TAT RIP Salem

Model: Me
Photographer: FaraNiza
Ok this one is a very old picture of me in one of my first photoshoot sessions that i arranged
heh heh i wont tell you where it was took though XD

oh well that's all for today then, ja~<3

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