HangOut Stuff

Yeah hang out..
haha the usual thing that youth do when they have free time to waste on it..
well actually we did this get together thing yesterday for Nasrul,a friend that had been long studying away in other estate..
so we rarely see him..and im glad he's still the same as before XD
there was me, Affan(my lil brother), Lobo(my boyfriend), Aiman, Izzat and the lucky boym Nasrul..
So firstly we went to eat lunch together at Waffle World

YAY aiman treated all of us for it! he's such a good(loaded) guy ^w^b
Sometimes i wonder where he get all of those money from since i know its not from his parents and i doubt he'd work cause i always see him hanging out O.o;;

For the love of God! stop doing those girly poses already!!! D8

Heh heh me and Lobo~<3

my bro
After that we all went to play snoocker..well i didnt..just the boys that is..
oh yeah the picture above is already altered in my bro's new handphone,W91oi..

ceehh he's lucky to get the phone with only RM250..
how? heh heh that's our lil secret XD

anyway after that, we met Nasrul's girlfriend then head out to our usual place to chat, eat+drinks and smoke(for the boys except my bro)
tak lain tak bukan!
I totally love the donuts and my friends practically MUST go there everytime we hang out in pyramid..seriously..

my fave one must be the oreo covered donut! yummy~<3
Izzat with his straberry donut and my pink samsung mp3..awww
For a few hours we talk stuff from music and wars to medical and cosplay XD then they did some camwhoring infront of lagoon's entrance and we called it off and went home since my mom wanted to go out and needed me and my bro at home to 'keep guard' of my grandmother *sigh*
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