Digital Designs ROCKS!

Totally the best class i ever had this term!
so fun!! XDD
today we did buddy icon.. soo cuteee XD

I did Ah Fat as my buddy icon since he's next to me..
and he did me..

he did me sooo well!! i love it! XD
he even went the trouble doing the colour stripes on my shirt X_x

GAHHH today was the nomination for class monitor, assistant, treasurer and commity..
Jun nominated meeehhh NNOOOOOOHHHHH so i nominated her back MUAHAHA
there was me, Joel, Ah Fat and Jun
i got only 1 vote while Joel got 7 already, so i was kinda happy that i probably wont get any position since i got only 1 vote mahh
but suddenly there's nobody vote for Jun and Ah Fat =A= ;; i became the assistant just with 1 vote =A=;;

what luck...
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