Death Note Photoshoot

Okey! one of my fave photoshoots so far had to be the Death Note Photoshoot XD

Venue: MySciFiFan OUTPOST, Hobby Centre & Cafe, Cineleisure,Damansara
Date: 5 April 2008
Time: 10am-5pm
Activities: Manga Scene photoshoot,DN Comic Cosplay photoshoot and Manga Covers photoshoot
Photographers: Valho,WednesdayRaven,Waninoko and Epy
miyavi honey as Yagami Raito
Randize as L
Frack as Amane Misa
Lee as Ryuuk
Tsukida as Near
Abby as Mello
Safiahsora as Mikami Teru
warumon as Matt

Photographer's respective galleries

Thank you so much to Valho, WednesdayRaven, Waninoko and Epy for being the photographers
Thank you to Scifi outpost cafe crew and Allen(you rocks dude!) for giving us the oppoturnaty to do a photoshoot by reserving the Cineleisure area and the green screen for us to use XD
Thank you also to nakamura_kun,Guki and Abby's mom(Gawd! you rock too!!) for their supports

2 videos of Death Note Photoshoot: The Making
thank you again to Allen for recording without any of us knowing it XDD


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