Daily College Rutine

Same ol' same ol'
that's the rite way to describe my college rutine..
but then again there's always surprise awaits everytime
so i just wanna talk a bit bout the class and the people in it that i've known just for less than 2 weeks..
okay for the 1st pic is the combine class of MM078-1&2

hherrrr..perspective.. i love the subject but its hard to understand..
i can do it if i really understand it..
and ya know me.. i have 0% on focusing XD
oh yeah... my lect for this subject is KK, he looks like my friend Yen Yee!
Seriously people

This guy here is Joel
1st impression, he looks like another friend of mine, Yutoshi from DG class!
just that Joel's hair is shorter and less spikey than Yutoshi..
even Ah Fat agrees too..
later i know that this guy is pretty cool (honest!)
he do a lot of stuff besides studying in TOA...
well ya guys have to ask him for more details then XD
AND! he lives supa near my house! =w=b

haha candid shot!
this other guy is Chun Sin, i dunno why most of the friends that i made are guys @_@;;
anyway 1st impression, chibi shota! XD *get bricked by chun sin*
if ya guys dont know what its mean than i suggest ya find it in japanese dictionary
later i know that he's always smiling his cute smile XD

LOL i know its squall's face but i cant resists putting it up..
the next guy is Nicholas, i dont have his picture...yet.. XDD
1st impression, OMG he looks like squall with specks!! O.o
seriously... cause on the 1st day of class he was wearing this fur collar jacket..
and i was totally set in my head SQUALL!! 8DD
well i havent get to talk with him much yet...
but we'll get to that in time..

okay today me, ah fat, joel and chun sin went to the Batik briefing at Audi
they are my teamates for visual comm

and the lady who did the talk reminds me soooo much like IFFAH!!! she looks like her too! 8DD
seriously...the way she use her words!
again ah fat agrees with it!! XDD
so i went and take pictures with her to show to ifa XDD

Haha i found out so many faces that similar to my friends XD
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