We are the RAKYAT lah!

I come across this vid when im looking through michelle's blog...
and it caught my attention since its something to do with my culture and society studies...
and ya know what mark teh, my C&S studies lecturer is in the vid..
he's the guy in horizontal stripe shirt doing crazy dance in the ending
damn i didnt know he's that famous and almost in the same line with other malaysian artists(director, singer, designer etc)

anyway i love the song! i got hook up the minute i heard it...
it made me think what mark said on our previous class
that our "perpaduan" are bullshit and its just an image...
then i realized all the bullshitting are the goverment's ideas and vision..
not the Rakyat.. and i'd say we the rakyat ARE the perpaduan...
even without the goverment's idea of perpaduan image..
we can already do it ourself if we want to..
and i know there's a lot of holes here and there in our unity
but those lil things like this vid are what makes it matters most
and im proud and grateful to be a Malaysian even if there are things that's fuck up in the malaysian law or goverment...
like the song said "here in my home" =)

come and check out their site
free download

here's a vid of the SiChuan earthquake tradegy on 12/5/08
my college is raising fund for it so im helping out to get at least rm100 per person
we were called to the conferences room to watch some awareness vids
even though i dont show it but im really sad and always thinking about thing like these that would happend to anyone and anywhere in the world
so let us help them as we can

the SiChuan tragedy reminds me of the Acheh Tsunami 26/12/2001
this one really shocked the world since so many countries became its victim..
Malaysia was so close yet we just kena tempias of it only...
we are lucky that our country geografical are one of the strategic in the world...
away from the "lingkaran api" and dangerous winds

all these reminds me all of the mother nature disasters that accured around the world..
the things that happend have a hikmah or a sign behind it and we need to find out what it is
actually all these disasters is happening because we human did it upon the earth itself..
and its telling us to do something about it before its too late...


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